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Who needs a Special Event Permit?

A Special Event Permit (SEP) is required for an event organizer or host (i.e., individual, organization or business) to sell or serve liquor in a location that is not a

  • Private residence
  • Private Place
  • Licensed establishment
    • A special event may be held in a licensed establishment, but the establishment must temporarily suspend their liquor licence to do so

The host or organizer of the event must apply for a SEP. A permit cannot be issued to a person or business (i.e., liquor service provider) that is not the organizer of the event.

Selling liquor includes direct and indirect charges for liquor

  • For example, including a drink in the price of event admission

What types of events require a liquor permit?

A SEP is commonly issued for a:

  • Manufacturer tasting
  • Wedding
  • Beer or wine judging competition
  • Private function and family gathering
  • Social, cultural, recreational, religious, sporting or community event
  • Mass invitation, customer appreciation event
Visit the link below to learn whether your event requires a SEP.



BC Government Website March 2023

Follow this link to apply for a special event permit